C3 Tribes



What Are Tribes?

Each Tribe has within it  people and families of all ages. As the younger people learn from the older people we will see a fuller picture of the body of Christ. Tribes have leaders that will aid in communicating when and where each tribe will meet, along with teachers that will direct the tribes spiritually through the Bible.

Tribe Gatherings:

Your Tribe may share a meal, read scripture, go for a walk while you discuss and then head back to a host home for a time of prayer. Maybe your Tribe will go tubing down the river as you share stories and thoughts about God. Your Tribe may have a picnic at the park and spend time praying for one another. There are many possibilities to build this community and all it needs is you!

Why Tribes?

Think of Tribes as a collection of families. We share in spiritual growth in Christ. We share in Community as we eat and life live together. We share in Compassion as we pray for one another and our neighbors.  The C3 Tribes are a way for us to make disciples and grow in our faith as a whole body of believers in Christ.